Saturday, November 07, 2009

Christmas in November

Celebrating the birthday of my grandmother, Mildred Evans Christmas, beautiful both to see and to know. Born into this world 93 years ago, she stayed here 87 years, and lives on forever in my heart and in those of many others.

And as beautiful as she was, I never saw this picture of her until after her death.

I celebrated her today by getting outside for a morning walk, drinking hot tea, reading from a good book, and sending someone else a birthday card. I've never looked much like her, but I want to be like her in ways that matter more.


CarolinaGirl said...

Sometimes I think it's odd and often wonder why we don't see pictures and know so much about people until they're gone.

Sheila said...

Well, in this case, my guess is that she would never have had such a photo displayed because she really was so beautiful and didn't want to draw attention to herself. She didn't talk much about herself, either, like many people of her generation.

Susie said...

Sheila, she truly is beautiful, isnt it great to keep a fabulous grandmother in your heart! Thanks for sharing.

lisa b said...

She was beautiful, courageous, intelligent, committed -- many wonderful things come to mind when Mildred Christmas is the focus of thought.

Thank you for sharing this picture. We were truly blessed to be her granddaughters, weren't we?

Sheila said...

Yes, we were. And are. And will be forever. Amen. :-)

Lawrence Underwood said...

Thank you for posting that photograph. We were truly blessed to be her grandchildren. What a legacy we have from all of our forbears.