Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moving Thoughts, IV

We are here. We did it, the great American pastime. We moved.

It rained. Almost all day. But we moved.

Our hands and backs ached from the cold and wet and continually carrying things. But we moved.

Wonderful friends and family helped us. And we moved.

So here we are, still with boxes in stacks around the house, because we are doing some work on a couple of rooms before we can unpack them. But feeling more and more settled. And the dogs are doing all right, despite having to be mostly inside for two weeks straight. (The fence should be ready Friday, to end that state of things.)

Thanks to all for your encouragement. It was the least stressful move of my life, and that had a lot to do with having supportive friends and family involved.

And even though we have moved, what a comfort to know that "He will not suffer that thy foot be moved, Who keepeth thee." Life changes are easier when you have such a Rock to hold fast to.