Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunset over the Arno

So, we left San Miniato, walked down the 50 or so steps to the street below, the aforementioned Viale Michelangelo--but not before taking a few photos, of course.


 Did I mention two years ago that Franco Zeffirelli's family has burial space up here? I just find that rather fascinating, such a blend of the old and the new.
And I loved this moment, when I just happened to notice that I could see the church from this perspective down nearer the street. You can see here how the gold shines as the sun heads further into the western sky.
We decided to stay and watch the sun set, so we went for a snack at the lower-priced restaurant near the Piazzale, as the sun wasn't due to set until fairly late. I think we had bruschetti and a caprese salad, maybe even gelato? Not sure. But it staved off our hunger and gave Fratello Sole time to warm up for the big moment.
Quite a crowd gathers each summer evening for the event, and this evening was no exception. The Watkins family (above, in case you didn't guess it) and I were actually near the top of the steps, as I recall, so there were even more people below us.

Fratello Sole did not disappoint, as I don't suppose he has in his entire existence....and how often do I take him for granted? He cast golden light along the river,

turning the city into an enchanted rosy kingdom,

and at the final moment as he slipped out of view, he was rewarded with applause from his enthralled, enthusiastic audience.
We walked all the way down the hill again, to a trattoria I discovered two years with other friends, Beppino's. Believe it or not Beppino is a nickname for the Italian version of Joseph. I guess it would be kind of like going to Joey's Bistro.
They have really cute placemats. (Was going to put a picture of this, but can't find the placemat.)
And a beautiful basket of fruit on the table.
And so ended my first day in Florence!