Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Seventh Day

Here are the pansies, those cold-defying, hope-inspiring cheerer-uppers. This photo was taken after two overnight freezes, in which they shriveled up and looked quite pitiful--and then came to life again with a warmer day. Our weather has been extremely variable lately. One morning when I checked, it was 31 degrees, with an expected high of 59, which it did reach by afternoon.

Maybe the weather has affected us.

We leave tomorrow for a rather impromptu trip to the Dallas area, to visit friends, and possibly on to Abilene.

In a way it feels like a bigger trip than flying to Europe does! We've been to Europe several times since the last time we went to Texas, so Texas seems farther away.

If we can finally be making this long-promised trip to Texas, then anything is possible.

Happy New Year!


Lucy said...

Safe trip, Sheila. Much love and a happy New Year to you and Drazen (and the doggies too, of course!)

Carolinagirl said...

The colors represented in this photograph are beautiful.

Enjoy your time in Dallas safely.

Carisse said...

If you need a place to stay in Abilene, my guest room is ready.