Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Twelfth Night

Thankfully, when Christmas ends, there is Epiphany to look forward to....I have the hardest time taking down the decorations, which I must go and do now.

I got brave and bought another rosemary "treecic" and have manged to keep it alive thus far. It was wonderful today snipping little "branches" and using them in some potatoes. I think if I ever have an office with windows, I may try growing one to use during that afternoon, afterlunch time, when I get so sleepy. That pungent scent might just make a difference in the quality of service my clients get from me at the 2:00 and 3:00 appointments!

An unexpected Christmas gift was Drazen's decision to have me line up all my shoes so he could clean and polish them. (This is the lineup before the work began.)

A candle from Grandmother's table, and a beautiful box of biscotti with the Florentine stationery pattern, purchased during our adventures in Texas. I never knew I could love orange as much as I do in this square foot of life.

I think this looks so nice, I may just leave it up until winter is over....

Card that arrived today from Fric and Lidija in Slovenija. I love it.

And love the stamps, too! Not to mention the people who live in Slovenske Konjice and somehow manage to remember their faraway friends.

Happy New Year, Buon Anno, and Sretna Nova Godina, to all my friends who read this here (and for the most part never comment!) I hope your 2009 has had as lovely a start as ours and that we will all grow in loving all of God's creation this year, "the whole and every grain of sand in it."

Addendum: I just realized that likely no one reading this, except those bilingual in English/Croatian, which would mean a grand sum of two regular readers, will have any idea what a "treecic" is. It's not a word. It's "tree" with the Croatian diminutive suffix added...something like a "tree-ette," I guess.


lisa b said...

HA! I'm commenting. :-)

Usually I read blogs through a reader that pulls them into another page. It's not as much fun as visiting the site, but it's much more time efficient and keeps me up-to-date.

However, I hope this year to use the reader as a springboard to visit sites and comment more frequently. What's the point of all this if it doesn't lead to communication?

I love you!!

Sheila said...

What is the point, indeed? Thanks for "stopping by!"

Molly Underwood said...

Lovely pictures, Sheila.

Anonymous said...

I agree!
Very pretty!!

Lucy said...

A rosemary Christmas tree is a delightful idea!

Somehow that row of shoes tells me more about you even than a photo of you! And what a dear thing of Drazen to do.

Sheila said...

Lucy, I'm so curious as to what it tells you. My main thoughts are of Van Gogh (whose work and person I have a great affection for) and that I tend to value comfort over style and coordinative ability over interesting color. That pair on the far left is my concession to style, with a bit of a heel--but no pointy toes for me!

Amy B said...

We might all learn something of ourselves if we lined up our shoes, almost makes me want to do it! I'm glad you stated what a treecic was, I already had to look up ducat, I didn't want to have to look up yet another word!