Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas from Our House to Yours

As you can see, my blog supports the traditional twelve days of Christmas. As does my house decor, which will be up until January 6. Here's a little tour....Six photos for the sixth day....

The cotton boll on the left is from a field on the way to Grandmother's house. The roses in the photo behind it are some she gave me many years ago when we had been to visit. The photo on the right is us at Zadar a couple of years ago.

The tiny tree has been with us since our first Christmas in America, fourteen years ago. One of my favorite ornaments is the clay cutout with the white ribbon, made by our friend Andreja in Croatia.

"Glory to God in the highest!" He's really singing with gusto. This is from the presepio...how do we say it...creche?....given to us by our friends Karen and Rich, made by a sculptor friend of theirs. Maybe I can do some more photos of it for another post. This guy is about two inches high.

A Santa container that belonged to Grandmother, which I remember being there when I was a child. To me this was the real face of Santa Claus. I don't recall ever "believing in Santa Claus," but I remember thinking this is what he ought to look like if he did exist in the way the tales told.

Front wooden door.

Front outer door.

Merry Christmas!

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Molly Underwood said...

I kept cotton from on the way to grandmother's for years!no, wait a second, was it on the way to Arkansas??oh dear, well, wherever it was it was to visit the clan and I saw this lovely cotton field and I just had to ask him to pull over. It was beautiful, to me.
Merry New year sister.
p.s. see my blog for pictures of Mexico and picture of Alice and her hubby!