Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Gift

Look what my sweet husband gave me for Christmas!

Here is the Andy Warhol version:

And here is a more palatable version:

It is a bracelet (I think that much is obvious) that I found months and months ago and showed to him. And he remembered. Or maybe he got it way back then, I don't know because I haven't asked. But he remembered and gave it to me. And I just love it.

And I just love him, too.

(You can't quite tell, but it has the entire first part of the "prayer of St. Francis," a slightly abridged version, inscribed on it. And it is in the form of a Mobius/Moebius strip, which means there are not two "sides" to the circle, it continues continually, a symbol of infinity. I first learned about this form from Parker Palmer when he spoke at Rhodes College a few years ago, about community....anyway, it's a special gift, for many reasons.)


Tinkerfaerie said...

It's good that your husband remembers little things like that. Most men don't even pay attention what more remember!

Jennifer said...

It's simply beautiful! He did well!