Monday, May 19, 2008

Oleggio, beyond the barn

I could see this church almost from my hotel, way up at the top of the city. To keep myself from falling asleep, I went for a walk, and this became my goal: to find the way to that church and get there.

I made it, tired as I was. Once I was at the top, I really didn't want to backtrack to get back down, because I had a hunch there was a shortcut if only I could find it.

I asked a friendly woman who lived there, and she told me to look for the cobblestoned walk that was very long and steep. I found it. It was long and steep!

The man and his daughter who walked down behind me seemed friendly, too. I asked him for directions to the Ramada Hotel. He said, "Oh, that's far from here. You have to go there by car." I said, "Well, I walked here, so I think I can walk back, if you can tell me how to get to the main street."

Was I sure? I could call a taxi, you know.

But he did point me to another cut-through, and I did make it back, a piedi.

And this time my view was of the mountains covered in snow, so strange to see, having just arrived from Memphis. Despite the power lines they were majestic and beautiful.

The last photo is taken from my little balcony at the hotel. How often do you stay in a nice hotel and see a tractor working the green fields outside your window? (I think you'll have to enlarge it to see the tractor....)


C. Marie Byars said...

I saw you like both Hopkins & etymology--they sort of go together. Have you read his journals where he really delves into that!

Sheila said...

Hi, Marie-

Thanks for the note. No, I've only read excerpts of the journals in a biography. Thanks for the idea.