Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Milano, Part I

Welcome! This is a sign on the children's classroom of the church in Milano. I loved the colors and just that some teacher made her doorway so welcoming.

Here is the little one-room attic apartment I stayed in while preparing for the retreat I spoke at later, thanks to a generous girl named Katie Cross, who moved in with friends and let me have her place. It was perfect! The foldout bed is on your right, and the kitchen component is just out of sight to the left. The balcony had a wonderful tree outside with a longer view to the Hippodrome just a block and a half away.

The famosissima Cattedrale di Milano. The detail is amazing. Lewis Short met me downtown and showed me around the cathedral area.

I would call this an experimental photograph, but the truth is I didn't realize I had my camera on some odd setting. But I like it!

Here is the unaltered view of the same subject. Just in case you can't tell, these are candles in the cathedral.

Now I understand why the windows of the cathedral are so talked about. I would love to return with hours to spend there looking at them.

Milano has the first "mall" ever built, a really beautiful galleria that puts any American mall to shame. It is so much more than a shopping place, though it is certainly that...for anyone who can afford it, which would not include me. This is, well, just what it looks like, a dome which forms part of the roof overhead.

Talk about a glass ceiling....

Loved this statue of Leonardo da Vinci, who will show up later in my Florence pictures and my second trip to Milano. It's too dark, but the little bird on his shoulder made the shot worth it.


(Milano Part II will come after I leave Florence the second time...)

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Lucy said...

The wonder of photography is, you can bring something solid home with you without spending any money!
That candle photo is rather marvellous; it does look like something ascending heavenward from each lit candle...