Sunday, May 18, 2008

Munich Airport

I think I mentioned in my first post from my trip that there was a room in the Munich airport for quiet and meditation. This is it, at least as much as I could get a decent picture of.

The light came from below the floor, and that is a real tree trunk in the center of the room (the right side of the photo.) Just inside the doorway on either side was a small bench, and there were cushions and mats if you wanted to sit or kneel on the floor.

It was really lovely. Airports are, outside, about the noisiest place I can imagine. And inside they are full of psychic noise, if not decibel-type noise. And in an Icharus sort of way, they symbolize the way desire for speed and power and innovation can "unground" us, both literally and spiritually.

(Not that I'm trying to make a statement about flight or techonology here. I'm thankful for both.)

So my appreciation goes out to whoever got a room like this put into fast-paced Munich airport. It made a difference in my experience, without a doubt.

The second photo is from the wall outside the room, in sort of an entry hall. There were scriptures from several major world religions. I am pretty sure it is the beatitudes, but please correct me if you know Greek and can enlighten me.


Lawrence Underwood said...

Yep, perfect Koine of the beatitudes.

Sheila said...

Ciao, Lawrence!

Thanks for the confirmation. I just saw that samw word over and over and thought it probably was the beatitudes, then checked that word and it meant "happy" or "blessed," so that seemed enough evidence....