Saturday, August 03, 2013


Oops. I went over a month with nothing on my blog. While I'd like to get back into more frequent "blogging" (still hate that word, cf. my very first post from--gasp--eight years ago), I do at least try not to go more than a month without posting something.
So tonight, a quick post.
In looking for something a few weeks ago, I came across these doodles in a couple of notebooks. The top three were done during a class when I was kind of bored.


Looking out the glass window to the foliage outside--wishing I were outside.
This, as I recall, related to something we were discussing in class.
There was not a tree in the room, so I was sketching an idea, not something I saw--obviously!
(Does anyone know how to stop Blogger from turning photos sideways?
I never have figured it out.)

Another view out other windows. It looks as if I were interrupted, or else that tree on the right would continue branching out into the window pane to its left....but I actually remember that it didn't.
It just went upward at that point, out of sight.

Another notebook, one I took to Croatia. This was the plan for tiling the bathroom,
though our plan was not to have a sideways bathroom.
Life is different over there, but we don't live sideways.(Blogger again!)
Of course when time for tiling came, and dear hubby flew home to oversee the project,
neither of us remembered that I had drawn this sketch!
Anyway, just seeing these things while in search of something else reminded me that I really do enjoy sketching/drawing/doodling and don't do it much. I enjoy the way it slows you down, focuses you, connects you to your own body and to the world around you.
So when I saw a very small, portable sketchbook at the bookstore the next day, I brought it home. It's set up to do a sketch a day, which I was doing until severely interrupted by two intensive weeks of school, but I intend to get back into the habit.
Maybe I'll share some more, though I must say sketching itself is much more relaxing that doing a post on sketching.
Here's to old-fashioned fun, no screens involved.


Lawrence Underwood said...

Yay for sketchbooks!

Anonymous said...

great inspiration! i'm starting tomorrow! (and going to try to figure out a way to entice my kids into doing it too.) thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas :)

Sheila said...

You are most welcome, Anonymous! Have fun with it!

Lucy said...

I don't know why your pics come out sideways, but the tree one looked much more like the abstract expression of an idea that way up, otherwise I'd just have thought it was a tree!

Nice when you look in here, happy sketching!