Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Birthday Birthplace

In July, as part of a retreat I went on, I went in search of a small church I had seen a photo of online when I was looking at the website for Montgomery Bell State Park, the site of the retreat.
It intrigued me that a state park would have a picture of a church on their site, so I wanted to find it, learn more about it (if there was a story connected to it), and I hoped to sit quietly and have a cool, mosquito-free place to just pray and think.
When I drove in the direction the park representative told me to go, I came to a parking spot and this sign.
Ordinarily I wouldn't take a picture of an informational sign, but it was just kind of amazing, because I didn't know this church was connected to any birthplace, and because February 4 is my birthday!
So I immediately felt a sort of kinship with the place, whatever kind of birthplace it was.
It turned out that there was actually a log cabin (which I don't have pictures of, because my batteries died, and I didn't have extras with me), and also this church.

Not particularly spectacular seen this way, but in my next post you'll see why my batteries died. They say you can't judge a book by its cover. Well, you can't judge this church's photographic potential by its exterior, either!

Till next time. . . .

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Tom said...

Maybe not spectacular, but it has a certain elegant 'something' nonetheless.