Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

With candles.

And a really wonderful book of readings for Advent and Christmas.

And candles again. Can't have too much light in December.

The oh-so-cute bag in which Someone placed the oh-so-lovely gift he gave me. And in the background one of the oh-such-fun new water glasses I bought the other day, with the word "water" in several languages around the glass.

Fascinated by the bubbles on the baking pan as I rinsed it.

Steamed cornbread and other bread crumbles, onion, celery, etc., waiting to be made into dressing, baked along with a sweet potato casserole. And the makings for a green salad with oranges, cranberries, and pecans, eventually all packed up and loaded in the car.

And then the drive to Arkansas. More on that to come.

I hope your day was merry and full of light. And of the Light.

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