Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still Life

It's blurry but beautiful. Like so many memories, no?

My friend Margo came over for a cup of tea. She admired the bowl, and I was entranced by the candlelight on the oranges, and we decided it was just a beautiful moment to capture. I didn't have a tripod and don't know which setting to use for such a scene, so this is what I got. And I think I like it this way, because the blurring of the boundaries adds to the effect of the overall unity of the moment. And adds a softness, a gentleness, which life certainly needs wherever there is still life. I think without softness and gentleness--with too many clear, sharp lines--life in its fullness can cease to be. Or can frighten with its starkness. Or distort with its exactitude.

I'll take it blurry and gentle.

(I just realized that this likely sounds terribly like what an INFP or INFJ might write. Was reading about personality types today [based on the Meyers-Briggs system] and reminded that I can come across as probably nonsensical to a lot of people. So be it. I think in symbols and metaphors, and my mind is always seeing a bigger picture than can fit into words. Maybe I sound blurry!)


Lucy said...

A lovely rich glowing picture. The blurring is just fine.

You could probably talk MBTI stuff with Tom endlessly, he's very interested in it. I am a bit I suppose.

Happy New Year, Sheila dear.

Sheila said...

Thanks, Lucy. I like the glow of it myself. And glow is always blurry, isn't it?

MBTI--I've found it to be a very helpful way to talk with clients about personality differences, especially with couples or people trying to figure out what line of work to pursue. It can also become a religion with some people, it seems! (Not saying that's the case with Tom; how would I know? INFJ's may be known for clairvoyance, but I don't claim it as part of my make-up!)

Happy New Year to you, too!