Thursday, December 03, 2009


These are little things I found on a recent walk. I just thought they were sweet and brought them home, thinking I might mail them to a young friend who is also a nature-lover.

Walking is such a wonderful thing to do. I like running, too, but a walking pace gives you more time to actually see the things around you, like these little bits and pieces of the world.

Today when I left the office, since there was still daylight, I rather impulsively decided to go for a walk in Overton Park. Those fifteen or so minutes are probably what I will treasure most about the day. Just walking. Trees, grass, birds, and squirrels. And sky. A dog. A few people. Part of a golf course. And I could take it all in because I was out there walking. Not driving by in a little insulated bubble called a car, but out there with it all. (I'm thankful for the insulation a car provides when it's really cold or hot, but it does detach you from the world.)

So, here's to walking out in the world. And maybe tomorrow I'll write about the shoes I hope to buy in the morning for my walks. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Yes...I've often thought it would be nice to live in a small town and walk to everything. You see so much more. It's like you are part of it. What a difference from rush & go &quick come back to rush somewhere else.
Yes, I need to take time and go for a walk, thanks Sheila. selah.

p.s. Still into dressing here, did you know you can do grandmother's recipe without all the setting time and it's still really good. Ive been freezing leftover cornbread for awhile so it was on hand. just fyi.Lawrence noticed a difference-flavors not quite as subtle -but it was worth it.

Sheila said...

Yes, and you actually see the other people as people. (Well, people in big walking cities tend not to really see each other, but in small towns they do.)

I just read about a town in Alabama with a population of 53.