Monday, December 28, 2009

Moving Thoughts, IV

This is really just an excuse to take a break from packing. I've been packing all day, except for a brief morning meeting, one afternoon counseling session, and a quick trip to pay for the piano transport and get sandwiches for supper.

As of now, there are 88 boxes packed. Seems like a nice number to just stop on....haha. Except that would leave out most of our kitchen bowls and normal plates, baking things, cleaning stuff, and all the stuff still in my office unpacked. And then there are the clothes. And a few pictures and mirrors still hanging on the walls.

Yes, I've got my work cut out for me for tomorrow!

But 88 is a nice number. That could be a goal for the next decade, to pare down to the point of owning only 88 boxes of material goods.

Well, I have nothing profound to say, or funny, or anything. Better get back to the boxes. As a matter of fact, I somehow wound up getting up while writing this and just finished box #89, "teas, et al." The "et al" stands for a small glass jar, a ceramic dish from my grandmother's first set of dishes that now holds individually wrapped teabags, a little cup made for brewing a single cup of loose tea, and a tiny piece of Revereware from Grandmother that needs to have the handle repaired.

Ah, yes! The phone rang! That's what got me up from the computer, and I went in the other room to find the phone, and completely forgot that I had been writing. I think that shows something of the state of my brain after a day of almost continual packing.

But, back to it! Never, never, never give up! (That's the note I have to myself on my piano, encouraging me to practice--but for a while yet, the piano will have to wait.)

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Lucy said...

Last time we moved someone sent us a card with a cartoon of someone looking dazed and bewildered surrounded by boxes labelled with things like 'bits of string, 6 to 9 inches', and the words inside, 'thought you might like something to open other than boxes'.

Happy New Year, Sheila dear, and I look forward to postings from your new home. Don't forget to e-mail me your new address.