Sunday, December 20, 2009

Moving Thoughts, III

More boxes line the rooms, and some even fit back onto the bookshelves. Empty shelves appear room by room. Only the living room and bedroom are so far completely untouched.

I had, earlier, imagined having some kind of little farewell-to-the-house ceremony with a few friends over. After all, this is the place I've lived longest since leaving my parents' home. It's no small thing to be leaving it. But the ceremony may not happen, given the way it's all happening around the holidays. Even so, there are many little goodbyes as the packing continues.

And I drive by the new house whenever I'm in that area (pretty often) and have the time (not quite as often) and imagine the hellos that will occur there, reminding myself that this isn't just an ending--it's also a beginning.

Even so, it is strange to wake up, as I did today from a nap, to wonderful afternoon sunlight filling the room painted with gold and cream, and to wonder if I'll see that again. How many more sunny afternoons can there be in the next ten days for which I will be home at that particular time of day? It was a beautiful moment to savor.

So, here are a couple of photos I took, just because I won't see these things in quite the same way again.

Also related to the move, we recently bought a new contraption that hooks Tosca and Paolo's collars together so that they can more easily be walked at the same time. Today I got my first test drive with it. They look so cute walking together, figuring out how to each smell what they want without getting too much on top of each other!

From my reading, I gather (and supposed even without reading it) that moving to a new place is pretty hard on dogs. Their whole world essentially disappears with no explanation of what's going on. The experts say that walking them regularly and often at the beginning helps them get used to the new place sooner, thus the purchase. It's not easy walking these two at the same time on separate leashes, though I have done it. We aren't going to have a complete fence for the first few days, either, so they'll have to be on leashes every time they go outside.

The end. For now.


Lucy said...

What lovely spaces you make, and you will make more!

Nice to see the dogs walking. Mol comes on holiday with us and is always a bit unsettled and defensive, especially at first, but as long as she has us (and yours will have each other too), she is brave and enjoys the adventure.

Keep your chin up, you're doing well!

Sheila said...

Thanks, Lucy! I have thought too that the dogs having each other might help with the transition. It always helps to have a friend!

Lawrence Underwood said...

Another thing that can help the dogs is, if possible, walk them a few times in the new neighbourhood before the move. It can make a world of difference.

Sheila said...

I had read that, too. It's impossible for me to drive with both of them in the car, but I may see if I can get someone to go with me and try this. Anything to make it better....