Saturday, July 05, 2008

Look Hard

We drove through a powerful storm today. All before us was thick and dark, and rain began falling in torrents.

I had been taking pictures earlier, and almost put the camera away, thinking it was so dark there was no longer any point in having it out.

Then I looked south. And if you enlarge the photo and look hard enough, almost right in the center and down toward the right, you should be able to see a rainbow.

A rainbow. Not after the storm, but right in the thick of it. It was amazing. Drazen saw it, too, so I know I didn't imagine it, even though it was very hard to see.

So many times we have to really peer through the darkness to see the beauty. But it's there for those who look hard enough. And even for those who are about to give up.

Look up. Look into the storm. Look hard. It's worth it.

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Lucy said...

I clicked to enlarge it and it's there! What an amazing thing!