Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer Appreciation: Rainbow

One day last week I was driving home and saw a rainbow. (We have continued to have showers since the storm I wrote about earlier.) I couldn’t see a lot of it, with the trees and buildings around, but it was wide, with intense color. Lovely.

Rainbows, despite their very scientific explanation, still have an other-worldly quality for me, and it was hard to keep driving because I wanted to pull over and just gaze.

For some reason I decided to take my sunglasses off as I looked at it. So I did, and do you know, at that moment, it almost disappeared. I could barely make it out by focusing very hard. I put the glasses back on, and there it was, as intense as before.

I wondered how many people were in a place to easily see that beautiful message from God, but weren’t seeing it because they didn’t have sunglasses on, and the brightness of the day kept them from seeing the colors? (And certainly many missed it because they were going in another direction. Or perhaps in the same direction, but more focused on their driving than I was!)

It reminded me of words from my high school English teacher’s chalkboard. Mr. Wright wrote out a saying each day, not as an assignment, but to enrich our lives. I can’t recall this entire quote, but the second part said, “Better to keep yourself shiny and bright: You are the window through which you must see the world.”

Certainly we are the only window we have for viewing the world. I don’t know about you, but I want to see rainbows through my window!

(I didn’t take this photo, can see it's not Memphis! I’m afraid I also don’t know the rules about borrowing photos from the web. I’ve been assuming that people can make them “un-copyable” if they don’t want them to be copied? Can anyone enlighten me?)


Sheila said...

I just looked it up. It was George Bernard Shaw who said (to be accurate), "Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world."

I don't know how my mind got "shiny" into it.

Gioietta said...

I also borrow photos from the web. I will have to ask but I am quite sure that there would be a system in place for making us users unable to download them on our own computer to then paste them or copy them on other sites, etc. So I wouldn't worry. I believe that whoever posted this lovely picture would love to know it is displayed with such a lovely post!
P.S. I love that Mr. Wright used to put quotes on the blackboard each day, if I ever become a teacher I hope I will do things like that to inspire and enrich my students lives too!