Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer Appreciation: Mushrooms

After the storm and the rainbow, I was driving along and was distracted by a blur of white. . . .

I had to stop and see if it was what I thought. And it was! A cascade of mushrooms rejoicing in the humidity and softness of the earth. Though I couldn't linger at the time, I felt a compelling urge to get up early the next morning and go see them up close. So I did.

Can you imagine being an ant, or a ladybug, waking up to this overnight change in the scenery?

This one looks as if it might take flight in a strong wind--

And these look happy basking in the sun.

Could those photos of the moon's surface really be closeups of mushrooms??
I've been told that I have large hands, for a woman...

Is it possible that this little message was the reason I felt compelled to return? Was it calling out for someone to come and share in the love?

Well, now you've received the message, too.
Let all things their Creator praise. Even mushrooms.


Lucy said...

Dear Sheila, thanks so much, The heart-shaped one is a treasure!
In the autumn I try to photograph mushrooms quite a lot, though I'm often a bit disappointed with the results, other people seem to do it better. I do collect edible ones, but oddly, since I started photographing, I've less urge to! Perhaps it's simply the need to take something home...
I've enjoyed reading, the @Hope in strange places' was especially strong and moving, and humbling too.
I'll put you on the blogroll, and remember to come more often.

Carolinagirl said...

Wow! Neat pictures of the mushrooms. The one with the heart shaped cut out is quite unusual.

Gioietta said...

Wow! I am trying to figure out if those pictures were taken near my old house...You truly were able to show the wonder in those photos! Thanks for sharing, especially the message of Divine Love even a little big mushroom can't wait to share!