Friday, June 29, 2007

Rated PG??

I just learned of a website you can go to and have your blog rated.

Mine rated PG because the word "gun" appears three times, and the word "hurt" appears once.

Today my aunt told me that she tried to look at my blog, but it was blocked by their computer's filter, which I think is called "BSafe." We were both bumfuddled, but perhaps this explains it!


Lisa said...

Ha Ha. That's funny. I'll have to see what rating mine gets.

Carolinagirl said...

What's the link where you got the rating from?

Sheila said...

Here is the website:

Have fun!

Lawrence Underwood said...

Yep, we can't view your blog on our PC. It has Bsafe as well. On my Apple we can. They, supposedly, are doing a new filter that will allow us to view it, and my wife's blog as well.