Friday, July 28, 2006

Writer's block unblocked (let's hope)

(See if you can figure out what this photo has to do with what I wrote. I had two things in mind when I chose it.)

Okay, it's been how long since I said I would be back here to continue? Yikes, has it been three weeks? Too long.

And I've realized one reason why. It's because every now and then I think of something that I really would like to write about, but then I think, "Oh, I can't do that until I finish the 'Croatian Chronicles....' "

Kind of feels like a writing assignment. The result is, it kind of squelches my desire to write, and I don't do anything.

Not that I don't want to share our Croatia trip with you! Not at all! It's just that there are tons of pictures and things to say, and I get overwhelmed by the thought of having to finish it all before I can write anything else. The Myers-Briggs folks would probably say it has to do with my being a "perceiver" rather than a "judger." In other words, I don't always like to finish what I've started before I start something else....

So, I think I've hit upon a solution. I will continue the Croatian reporting, but I will also intersperse it with other things as they hit me. You can find the Croatian stuff because I'll always label it "Croatian Chronicles."

So, do come back for photos and comments from our trip, and feel free to read or skip the other stuff, as you wish.

As for today, the thing I want to write about is something I heard today on Mars Hill Audio. This author/political philosopher was pointing out that the people who most say they believe Darwin's ideas prove that his ideas were wrong, and the people who most say they don't believe them actually show evidence for them.


He was saying, look at Western Europe and even some of affluent America. These are the people who most often say they buy Darwin's ideas. They are the richest, most comfortable, most powerful people on the planet. Maybe the healthiest, physically speaking. They represent the strongest segment of the human species, which should, in order to survive, do things to reproduce and better itself.

And they are for the most part dying off, because they are choosing to have so few children or none at all. (We won't go into whether or not they neglect their living offspring, but they are the most vocal proponents of abortion, it seems.) Low birthrate has developed into a crisis in Europe, if you're not aware.

And the people who for the most part disagree with Darwin's ideas, conservative Christians, tend to have the most children and to put a lot of energy into nurturing them and preparing them for life....the kind of thing that naturally contributes to the survival of the species. Which is what Darwin says is the natural course of things.

I'm not a scientist or any kind of professional who can go into much analysis of this, but I found it fascinating.

And if you're not familiar with Mars Hill Audio, you really ought to check them out. Listening to Ken Myers' interviews will enrich your faith, your worldview, and it wouldn't surprise me if listening to Mars Hill while driving helps create new brain cells.


carolinagirl said...

It's interesting how we can sommetimes set out to prove one thing and prove something else without even realizeing it. I wonder if there's ever a time when we actually convince ourselves and do a 180 degree turn if and when we do realize this.

Carisse said...

Hello, dear -- stumbled across your blog address while looking at Greg Kendall-Ball's blog. So I thought I see what you're up to. I love the Croatian pictures. I'm glad you got to make the trip. Also very much like the photo at the cherry tree (at least that's where I think it is, over on Cherry Road by the golf course). I've got a blog going, too; I only try to put something there every couple of weeks. It's at, if you want to come visit. I think I should learn how to put up photos.

David is going to technical school this fall to learn how to work on cars. He is excited about it. It's 50 miles west of Abilene, in a town called Sweetwater. They have a nice campus, dorms and everything. He starts Aug. 28.

Sheila said...

In case anyone wondered, I picked the tree picture because all those branches reminded me of monkeys, which reminded me of Darwin.

And it just looks like the face of a blocked writer....