Friday, July 07, 2006

Croatian Chronicles: Blue, blue, my world is blue

Yesterday and today we have had beautiful morning weather here in Memphis. The air is cool, the humidity seems to be down, breezes are blowing. My Gregorian windchime has been singing all morning.

Yesterday I walked with a friend in the Botanic Garden. We went to see the water lilies and wound up seeing three hawks flying above, soaring against the blue sky, calling out their otherwordly cries, and one even flying very low so that we felt he might be trying to telling us something. My friend had to leave, but for nearly two hours I stayed and enjoyed their company.

This morning I went out to the hammock in our backyard. The green leaves of the pecan tree above were amazing against the blue of the sky, with the sun piercing their leaves, making the green almost magical.

All this blue sky and fresh air seems a good transition back into the Zadar photos, so here are some shots of the sea and sky, in varying shades of blue.

The north end of the old city...where the ships come in.

"Yours trulies."

Along the western side, as the famous sunset was beginning further north, out of sight.

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Sister Molly said...

What beautiful pictures, I will have to make time to come blog with you more often. Good to talk with you on the phone the other day. Blessings