Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snail Mail

A lovely mailbox I passed while walking down the street in Florence. "La Sorgente" means "The Source" or "The Spring." I have no idea what significance that had in this case, but it was so cute, I took a picture.

It seems that my sorgente has about dried up, but I assure anyone reading this that it has not. I constantly think of things I would like to write about. It's just a matter of time, i.e., my time is very limited. Well, that's not true, is it? We all have the same amount of time. My time is very much filled with other activities right now.

It hardly seems fair, though, that I could turn in a 20-page research paper and not have time to write  a paragraph or two for my blog.

So, on the theme of mailboxes, this is more like a postcard than a letter, but at least I know my blog still exists, and any remaining readers will know that I still exist.

And tomorrow I take the exam, and next week I will finish the project, and then for at least a little while, I will have a bit of time in the evenings not spoken for. Maybe my Christmas present to myself will be to reminisce and write about the rest of this Italy trip.



Lucy said...

I expect I'm already too late to wish you luck...

That is a very neat letterbox. It seems kind of strange it's called after something that gives out, though, when it takes things in. Though I suppose it's the house it belongs to that's called after the spring!

Sheila said...

I thought the same thing, Lucy, about it taking things in rather than giving out. Since I have no idea what was inside the place (a home, a business?) it will just remain a mystery. Or maybe next visit I'll drop them a letter inquiring about the meaning of it!

The exam was not as terribly terrible as it could have been. Of the 25 or so articles we were to have read, I didn't get to about 7 of them. But of the three options for essay questions, the professor did pick ones I had read. So I did have luck! Whew!