Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Left Hanging

Almost a month since I've added anything here, wow. It was not my intent to start the story of my travel and then just leave it hanging, as I have.

Those who know me know that the past month has included an intensive graduate-level course and the lengthy hospitalization and subsequent death of a very, very dear friend. These things take time and energy.

Interestingly, just as the class ended and the funeral was over, I began a streak of getting more referrals for my work than I've ever had before. They say word of mouth is the best marketing, and somehow word of mouth has been getting around a lot lately. So I've been working more than usual and am thankful for that.

And so my blog has been neglected once again. Often in the evenings I feel that I just need to study, or get dishes done, or prepare documents for work the next day.

Another factor is that I began reading a book called Younger Next Year that deepend my resolve to exercise more frequently, so I find myself refusing to stay up late for the blog, because I want to be able to get up to walk in the mornings. Not a bad thing at all! (A funny note about the book: I bought it on impulse when I saw it on sale at the bookstore. It wasn't until I was a few pages into it that I realized it was written specifically for men. While it has been very motivating for me, it hasn't been because I could feel my chick appeal lessening....I learned later that they also wrote a version for women and am hoping to get that soon.)

Even so, I am determined to get more of my Italy trip on here. Even if all readers have lost interest by now, I have not, and I want the time to savor and remember those experiences.

The photo above was the view out my window in the morning on Saturday. Laundry is a much more public part of life in countries where dryers are still not the norm. I love seeing clothes and other pieces hanging out on a line. I love the scent and the feel of clothes and especially towels that have been hung out to dry in the air.

But I don't love leaving my blog hanging for so long. When I realized the date of my last post, I just had to write something tonight.

I'll try to be back sooner. I shall persevere.

Of course, now that I think of it, I am writing about Italy, no? The land where clocks don't matter the same way they do over here. Where you live life fully in the moment. I've been living very much in the moment lately. But I do intend to look back on earlier moments and share some more.

Wish me well. Arrivederci!


Cindy McMillion said...

Love this shot. And once again, the tone and pace of your writing have a calming effect on my soul.

Cindy McMillion said...
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Lucy said...

Meant to comment on this at the time, then left it hanging and it slipped! But I did want to say how much I liked the picture, and the way it's divided into sections, and the laundry isn't quite where you expect it to be!

Take care, and don't worry about what you do and don't do here. The word-of-mouth and the morning walking both sound very good.

Sheila said...

Thanks to both of you! Lucy, you'll be happy to know that G.M. Hopkins and Christina Rossetti have both found their way into the paper I'm writing. I may even get a quote by Tolkien in there. (I don't know what my professor will think of it, but I am having fun.)