Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Piedi Nudi

This is a five-minuter, to give my mind a break from other less pleasant tasks which I've been doing quite a bit of lately.

This morning, as part of an experiment, I did my morning walk barefoot. It took a bit of convincing myself, as there were quite a lot of people in the park when I went. Would they think I was crazy? Would they say anything? Look at me funny? I decided I could handle it, pulled off my shoes and socks, and walked.

The first comment I got was, "Ooh, I bet that feels good."

The next was, "Oh, you're walking barefoot?"

And the last was, "Watch out. People let their dogs do their business there on the side." (I was on the grass at that point.)

And at one point, I didn't realize anyone was around me, and I also didn't realize I said this aloud, but I saw a spot of loose, soft dirt, went straight for it and said, "Ha,ha,ha!" because my feet were in pain by that point and the softness of the dirt was so inviting. Well, a woman was jogging by and heard me and laughed.

But that was it. Some people did look, but they only smiled. No one frowned or looked at me strangely (unless they were doing it behind my back once we passed each other!)

So, yet another example of how our worst fears are rarely realized.

And a reminder of why barefoot children enjoy soft dirt so much. It felt so good!


Stephanie said...

Occasionally, I get the urge to skip, but I'm afraid of what people will think. Next time I feel like it, I'm gonna do it. You inspired me yet again.

Sheila said...

Stephanie, somewhere on my blog is a post about the urge to skip! Maybe I'll find it and sent it to you!

Lucy said...

Dirty pretty feet!

CarolinaGirl said...

The one (and yet to be only summer) spent in my house in TN, I always went into the backyard barefot. The grass felt so good under my toes. :0)