Thursday, March 12, 2009


Flowers appear on the earth,
The time of singing has come!

Song of Solomon 2:12

Well, the rest of the verse says the turtle dove has appeared in our land, and I don't have one picture of a turtle dove. But my turtle dove and I went walking in the Garden the other day, and here is some of what we found.

Do enlarge the next four photos to do them justice:


Lucy said...

Those swathes of daffodils are fabulous, what a wonderful memorial.

That's so sweet abuot Drazen being your turtle dove! Actually I always thought it sounded rather funny about the voice of the turtle, imagining a turtle in a shell!

Sheila said...

I'm sure you're not alone, Lucy. I'm no Hebrew scholar, but a survey of translations makes it clear that back when the King James Version was written, they must have had the same idea you did, but since then have learned more about the word. All the newer translations say turtledove.

This is making me think of the "mock turtle" that sings in Lewis Carroll....Not quite the romantic vision of this passage, though....