Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Trails

I just love this picture of Prince Charming and Catherine the Great walking together in the snow. You wouldn't guess from the harmony this image conjures up, that only moments before he was shaking snow from the branches onto her head, and that in the parking lot they were after each other with snowballs.

(They are, of course, Drazen and Catie Grace, our friend who spent the night with us the night of the Great Snowfall.)


Rob Hopcott said...

That is a really wonderful picture with the light dappling so effectively.


Sheila said...

Thanks, Rob! It was a lovely day. I'd like to put more photos up from it, not sure if I'll have time, but we'll see.

And it's a bit odd, now that everything's all spring here, to be looking at snow photos....

Anonymous said...

The snow pictures are absolutely beautiful. This must've been around the same time that Clarksville looked like a winter wonderland. I've got 18 days of R&R and am soaking in each and every day before heading back.

Sometimes, leaving our foot prints in the snow (or sand) allows us to find our way back.....even if we're going in circles.