Sunday, January 06, 2008

Twelfth Night

Tonight we put away Christmas things, always a bit hard for me to want to do. I decided to take a few pictures, and some interesting things happened.

This clay ornament, done by a friend in Croatia, is one of my favorites. I just set it on the nearest stable horizontal surface to take the picture. It wasn't until I had the photos in the computer that I realized I had set it on the only Croatian crocheted piece currently displayed in the house. The perfect setting!

These leaves are from my last trip to St. Columba. I was in the habit of saving leaves and pressing them to send to Father Stevens after he moved away. I did the same this time, knowing I couldn't send them to him, but needing to do it for myself, I guess. So they became stars on our table throughout Christmas.

I think that must be my hair that got in front of the camera, but I like this because it turns that one into a shooting star!

And here's the best of all. I didn't think about it until I had already shot the picture, but I got "A Merry Christmas" and the photo of Granddaddy and Grandmother Christmas side by side. And it is, I think, the merriest photo of the two of them that I have. (I know, it isn't a clear shot, but you get the idea. You can enlarge it to better glimpse their merriness.)

Good-bye until next time, lovely, merry Christmas. And Christmases.

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Gioietta said...

I love the pictures of what is so close to your heart. And I love how you express what you feel and think.
You are truly blessed with wonderful thoughts!

You know, I am glad you finally explained to me something I was so ashamed to ask...what are EXACTLY the 12 days of Christmas?? (I didn't know if they came before or after! or in between, lol!)