Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Needing feedback...

This is me by the sea in Zadar.

I'm putting this photo here to show how I feel when I come to my blog...quite alone out on the pier, with a big expanse all around me! Only two people have left comments in the past ten posts, and I'm wondering if perhaps my travel reports are boring my readers? (And a couple of people have given me verbal feedback.)

Please let me hear from you, whether by leaving a comment or sending me an email.

When I'm sure that it's worth it, I'll continue the Croatian Chronicles. Or if not, switch to something else.

I vowed when I started this blog that I wouldn't do it as an exercise in self-absorption. Personally, my time could be better used creating a real scrapbook rather than a virtual one. The point of blogging is the interactivity, is it not?

Thanks for letting me know whether or not to continue.


gentle spirit said...

I thoroughly enjoy your Chronicles...don't stop writing just because your readers are such poor time managers that they do not have the time to comment!I really enjoyed seeing you and Drazen last weekend and catching up a bit. Yes, Jon is no longer three, sad to say. About the furniture, I wish I could help, but if I brought one more piece into my house my daughters would never speak to me again!Keep writing and I'll definitely keep reading. Love, Kim

Seredne said...

With so many blogs out there, I think it can be hard sometimes to know if people are actually visiting or not. I'm sure it's not that readers are bored!

I think your blog is really neat, and I enjoy it! I say keep it up... but I'm just some internet person. :-P

Have fun!

Lawrence Underwood said...

Keep it up!!

Lisa said...

Hey! Please, please keep writing! I'm just limited in my time to use computers for personal reasons. I'm sneaking some time in at work today, but usually can't do that.

However, I do expect a big, huge post full of pictures about your wonderful visit with your charming niece Emily. :-)

Would you tell Miriam "congrats" for me? I heard about their birth the other day.

Anonymous said...

Sheila! Please continue. Your blog is composed of interesting travel insight and pictures of international cultures. I hope your travel as well as the accompanying blog posts continue.

Keep up the good work and thanks to you and Drazen for being awesome neighbors.

Sheila said...

The few, the proud, the friends of Sheila! (Actually, more folks sent personal emails and spoke to me in person.)

And while my blog may not have the largest readership, it certainly has some of the best people in the world reading it!