Thursday, May 18, 2006

We're here!

Actually I'm writing from Zadar, Croatia, where we've come on a three day trip just by ourselves, and it is so nice. Zadar is on the coast, used to belong to Venice, and still has a very Italian feel. The oldest university in Croatia is here. We have fallen in love with a 9th century church that has unusual architecture and absolutelz wonderful acoustics. (Try Googling Sveti Donat Zadar and maybe you can see it...)

Life at home in ńĆakovec is much the same as before. We are spoiled by the cooking of a mother who loves us very much and shows it via the kitchen! I fear we are both going to come back heavier.

By the way, keyboards are different here, so if things look funny, that's why.

And I'm paying for the time and will go now.

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