Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday: The Cross

I thought I would just see how many cross pictures I have since getting this computer in October . . .

The cross from Father Stevens, made from Jerusalem olive tree wood.

Visitation Monastery gateway, Mobile, Alabama.

On the spine of one of my Bibles.

Spring Hill College, Mobile.

Chapel at Spring Hill College.

Spring Hill College.

My window at home.

First little one I saw this year.

Dogwood blossom, with its own cross legend.

We sang this last night.


Love can make beauty possible from the most terrible things.

Like the cross.


Tom said...

A lovely collection. They speak of great inner mystery which one day I will need to explore. But a great deal of stripping away will be required.

Lucy said...

I love seeing out through your window.

Sheila said...

Part of me, honestly, doesn't like the idea of a collection of crosses; it can so easily trivialize both the horror and the beauty. But I wanted to post something yesterday, and I just realized I did have several pictures with crosses in them. And that song....I just love it.