Monday, October 14, 2013

Music Everywhere

I remember several years ago hearing John Michael Talbot talk about how in a way, everything in the universe is a sort of music. Because music is, essentially, vibration. We sing because our vocal chords vibrate in a certain way. A violin makes music because the strings vibrate as they are bowed or plucked. Drums vibrate when they are hit. Brass and woodwind instruments involve vibrations of reeds and lips.
And everything in the universe, as we understand it now from the physics folks, is a form of energy vibrating at some rate, whether slow or fast.
And that's about all I can say about that, not having studied physics.
I like the idea that the whole universe is made up of music.
And I found some the other day in a most unlikely place......
Of course I couldn't hear this music, but it does look an awful lot like notes on a staff, doesn't it?

If it's not music, then it's certainly visual art. Who would guess that the ivy growing six or seven feet away from the window would combine with the shades to produce such a musical shadow?

Music is always migrating from its point of origin to its destiny in someone's fleeting moment of experience.
                                                                                        -- Alex Ross, "The Rest Is Noise"


nuwanda said...

thanks shelia for the lovely way to start my day . . . musical words . . . pictures . . . song.

Lucy said...

Dizzying thoughts. Your window-blind stave looks like some mysterious manuscript of early music!