Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Lucy, Liam, and la Luce

Thanks to encouragement from Lucy and the carrying out of the idea by my husband, I am now using Google Chrome for blogging, and voila, I can put pictures here!

So, this is what I wanted to post in the midst of the saga of the Italian journey. Even though it's been months since the trip, I had a nice little visit to Tuscany the other day when the sun fell on this painting in our living room and caught my eye.

I walk by this multiple times daily, but seeing the light and taking these photos made me see things I had never noticed before, all the little houses and windows, the slats of the door, the branches of the tree.

As I mentioned, one benefit of being home sick was that I got to experience the house in lighting that I miss when I'm at work or otherwise out and about during the day. I saw all kinds of things that I see everyday but don't really see.

It's really (really!) nice to feel better now, though I'll kind of miss this time I've had at home and the things it has allowed me to do.

And a benefit of the browser issue is that I went ahead and blogged, even without the photos I wanted, and I feel freer now to kind of go with the flow, rather than only documenting the trip--though I intend to continue doing that, too.

Allora, arrivederci!

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Lucy said...

Yay, Liam! You know he's the voice of Aslan don't you?

Thanks for the e-mail, answer in the pipeline. Glad you've got it sorted, the picture's lovely.