Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cross and Yarn

Disappeared from my blog again. An awful lot going on that I won't write about. Stressful time.

But the week some call Holy Week is ahead, and I wanted to put something here to reflect on that.

I came across this photo from a few years ago, when a friend (Joyce, the one speaking) and I planned this evening for the women at church. I don't even remember exactly what we did, but we borrowed this cross from a friend's church, and we used yarn, and we had people move around in some kind of symbolic way that showed how the various generations were connected by the cross and that we were all interwoven with each other.

As I recall, it was a pretty powerful evening.

And these days I'm thinking often of how grateful I am for friends, sisters, from various generations and various paths of life. Some are my actual blood relatives, some are not. Some of them know each other, some do not, but they are all important in my life, and the cross of Christ is what connects us all.

Like strands of yarn, we are woven together, and they help hold me together.

And except for my blood relatives, all the women I'm thinking of would not even be in my life except that our shared faith in Christ and his cross--the suffering, death, burial, and resurrection that we will remember and celebrate in special ways this week--brought us together.

And I am thankful.

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