Tuesday, January 03, 2012

On the Tenth Day of Christmas...

...I am finally able to post some pictures of our Christmas decorations, as my true love sent them to me on the ninth day of Christmas.

I already miss the scent of the wreath when coming and going. (It's still up but has pretty much lost its pungency.)

I still think it's funny that we have a dog bed under the piano. I wonder how many pianos have that. It's like a cave for them.

Wish we had a real cello in the house....

One of my favorite pieces of furniture from Grandmother's house.

The two little cornhusk angels were Grandmother's, too. One is singing and the other playing cymbals. Seems there was a third one at her house, but I don't know what became of it.

More autumnal than Christmas on this end of the bookcase. But I just love those leaves and other tree-ey things.

Hmmm. I don't think I realized how many musical things we have around till just now. The little piano was a gift from dear friends some years back.

Wow, just as I was saying...Here's a horn in great need of polishing and a new red string.

And Santa Claus, also from Grandmother's house. I can't figure out just what he was made to contain, but he sure is cute with an orange on his head.

Not exactly decorations here, but in case anyone was curious about the book, here you can see enough information to look it up for yourself. We've really enjoyed it. And while I don't know why my true love decided to take this picture, it is kind of neat that my Bible is red and goes so well with the book. It's the Bible my daddy gave me when I was five. He also sent it to be rebound for me several years ago when it was ailing from age and many page turnings over the years.

Well, I didn't have any pictures of lords a-leapin'. Maybe next year.


Lucy said...

I am quite certain that if we had a piano there would most likely be a dog bed underneath it! It must be nice for them to doze beneath the vibrations of your playing...

I like the little cornhusk angels vry much, and that whole display has a lovely feel to it.

Sheila said...

Actually, they tend to get up and leave if I start playing while they're under there. Not sure what that means!