Thursday, April 21, 2011

One Hundred Sixty-Four

That's how many days it has been since the last time I wrote something here, if I've counted correctly.

Seems like an awful lot of days in blogland. Not so many in the context of larger kinds of lands.

I never intended to go a hundred sixty-four days without writing, but in an odd way I kind of like the fact that I have.

I think quite a lot about how technology has changed, and continues to change, the way people live in time and space. Especially how they (we) think about time and space. Many people who use the technologies tend think that because there are cellphones, people should be available all the time. Because there is email, which is instant, people apologize if they don't respond as soon as possible (even if there really is no need for an instant reply.) And because there is an Internet and there are blogs and search engines that are searching them 24/7, people should blog often.

Well, in a larger context, a hundred sixty-four days is not really that long, and even though I didn't set out to do it, I think I'll let my absence and return symbolize that life is much bigger than the Internet.

And I will add that it is because of a larger context coupled with technology that I decided to write tonight. Since the fall, I have occasionially looked at the "stats" on my blog, amazed at how many people wound up finding it even though I wasn't doing anything with it. It just struck me as strange.

And tonight I saw that after the U.S., Iran again came in second place in my blog's audience. Fascinating.

And somehow just knowing that people in Iran (and Latvia and Ukraine and Hong Kong and China....) are coming across this blog while searching for something or other, made me want to put something new here, just in case they decided to look at the home page (if that's what it's called?) for some reason.

Besides that, it's almost Easter. Seems a good time for bringing something back to life.


Like a Child said...

Welcome bsck....and i am not in iran:)

Like a Child said...

Welcome back!