Sunday, October 03, 2010

Yikes and Nikes

"Yikes," because I just saw that it's been over two weeks since I wrote a thing here. Not a huge surprise that I haven't written often, but I didn't realize it had been that long.

Have I mentioned my new part-time job? That would be the main reason for my scarce appearances here lately. While we were in Croatia, I received an email from the director of HopeWorks, where I had applied and interviewed back in January. They hired someone else in January, but when that person decided to leave, the director contacted me about coming.

So I'm working there three days a week, and loving it. Do check out our website:

--and you will see why I love working there.

"Nikes," because despite my not blogging as often as I'd like, I have been walking/running more often than I did when it was so hot. Pictured above is the underside of my new Nike Free Run Plus shoes. They are the lightest weight running shoes I've ever had, and you can see that the soles are not quite your typical athletic shoe soles. They're made to have very little structure, to give more flexibility, so that the feet can walk and run more like the way they do when they don't have shoes on.

It's not quite the same, of course, but I've learned you can't walk or run barefoot everywhere (e.g., the gym where I run when it's blazing hot outside requires shoes) or all year round (e.g., last January, the coldest I remember it ever being since we moved to Memphis.) So, I got these during the summer and have been thankful for them.

I took the picture just because I thought it was funny how the shoes caught hold of this stick and didn't let go! First time I've had that happen, and it could only happen because of the pattern on the bottom.

Well, now that I've experienced this "yikes" moment, I will try to get back here more often. I really do have some lovely photos and lovely stories to share from the Europe trip, not to mention ongoing life here at home.

Till next time, may your "yikes" moments be few and far between, and may you enjoy some barefoot moments in the meantime.


nuwanda said...

it's always good to hear your voice, esp with good news about your job! HopeWorks is blessed to have you. and i'm impressed with your walking/running in the heat! who knows what you'll accomplish now that fall is here?

melodygreen said...

I'm so glad you are working at Hopeworks. It is such a good place to be -- I miss it! Great job on the walking/running too... :)

Lucy said...

Look at her go, wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Sheila said...

Nuwanda, thanks for the encouragement. I didn't make clear that the reason I run in the gym in the summer is that it's air-conditioned. So I was not at all running in the heat! In fact, I've thought about blogging about the people who do that, theorizing about their motivations, or even whether they might be aliens....

Sheila said...

Lucy, do I hear you squeeing, perhaps? :-)