Friday, September 18, 2009


It's fall again. It always comes, and it always does this to me. I'm not sure if I get spring fever, but I do get fall fever. I feel more alive, I want to do things I haven't thought about for who knows how long, and I have more energy to do them.

I listen to music (Toni Childs right now) and feel like a part of me wakes up that has been asleep over the hot, humid summer.

Not that it isn't humid right now, after I've-forgotten-how-many days straight of rain. But it's different, knowing that when these rains end, clear, crisper air will soon be on its way. And knowing the rain is adding to the magic of the leaves turning.

I want to be outside, walking for long periods of time. I'm remembering long walks in the hills of Scandicci in the fall, and I'm thinking of walks in Eureka Springs with the leaves ablaze.

And I want to be inside, too. I want to cook, all of a sudden. I pulled five recipes tonight that look inviting.

I want to curl up and read. Read just for fun--poetry, fiction, meditations. Read things that move beyond the here and now to the out there (and the deeper in there) and eternity.

I want to draw. We got an invitation in the mail today for the opening of an exhibit at the Brooks Museum, which in addition to offering a guided tour with wine and hors'doeuvres, invites us to bring a pencil and sketchbook to sit and "sketch with local artists." Again I remember Italy, how I often did see artists young and old sitting in the museums, sketching away. It was so normal there. I want it to be normal here, too. I think I'll go do it, just for the fun of it.

I want to put the hammock up (once the rains stop) and lie and stare up at the pecan leaves and the blue sky beyond and remember lying in that same hammock, staring up at the sky above Grandmother's yard.

I want to be alive. To really, truly be alive. To suck the marrow out of life, as Thoreau put it.

I'm four days early according to my calendar, but Happy Fall.

(Leaves courtesy of a retreat at St. Columba, three falls ago. Something else I need to get on the calendar for fall.)


CarolinaGirl said...

Fall is most beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Well said. Fall is my favorite season, too. It does something to my soul.

And this may be weird, but it makes me want to go buy a plaid book satchel.

Sheila said...

Oh,yes, and new pencils and pens and crayons and glue....I wonder if I'll ever not feel that back-to-school urge, even though it has been more years out of school than in, at this point.

Mindy said...

Fall is my favorite season as well. I've always wanted to live somewhere where there is a long, full, beautiful fall season. I often dream of coming home from work at 5:30 when it's dark outside already with a crisp chill in the air and putting on my night gown, sitting on the couch eating a bowl of soup or chili while watching favorite TV shows. Or simply drinking some apple cider. I dream of quality family time and cooking lots of goodies. (I kick off my white bean chili every Halloween!) I love to watch the leaves fall from the trees. Also, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because the weather is still beautiful and it has that holiday feel to it without all the fuss. I love FALL! Mindy Holley Thornton