Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bird in the Morning

Like the king going to check on Daniel in the lion's den, I arose early in the morning and went to check on the bird.

It was still there, though it had hopped up from the flowerpot to a new perch on the scrollwork.

And I saw an adult robin on the mailbox nearby that seemed very much to be keeping its eye out for the little one.

Since that morning I haven't seen it, so I'm assuming that with the mama nearby, the little one got its flying lessons and is off exploring the wider neighborhood now.


Benito said...


I've had a lot of little fledgling mockingbirds in my backyard this spring. No idea why, but I'm having to keep the dogs away from them.


CarolinaGirl said...

My assumption would be it has flown away to investigate the rest of the world. The fact it had hopped to a higher location is a good indication.

Lucy said...

Oh that's good, fledging can be sucha nerve-racking and heart-breaking time!