Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day in the Life of Moi

Today strikes me as a particularly fulfiling day, here in this period of feeling rather unsettled and therefore often feeling at loose ends and not quite fulfilled, even if I know that what I'm doing matters.

So, today I....

...showered and washed my hair and we still made it on time to church. In this case, "on time" means a little early, since Drazen was helping serve during communion. This is a big deal, as we are often late if I have to wash my hair.

...had thought ahead and put something in the crock pot, so we had a real lunch when we came home. dishes all done and several loads of laundry (still doing that.)

...mopped the floors, which were desperately in need of it!

...went to church again.

...made a stop at the grocery store for some basic things.

...came home, changed clothes, and went out to trim azaleas in the front yard. Got nearly all of them done that have finished blooming. We have so many, there are still a few blooming and a couple just starting to open.

...spent a limited time catching up with friends on Facebook.

Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all that, had a short nap with my honey.

It has just been a lovely day, and I think it's because of all the manual labor. That wonderful sense of seeing a job and being able to see when it is finished. Of course, all those things will need to be done again, and again. But there is something very satisfying about it in a way that paperwork and communications (email, phonecalls, etc.) simply do not satisfy. It's probably also due to the nice chemical reactions that occur in the brain as a result of physical activity, and being outside.

I sigh a happy sigh of contentment and refuse to think about tomorrow. Today has been a blessing.


Lucy said...

Found a lovely quote from Margaret Atwood the other day;

'At the end of a day in spring you should smell slightly of dirt'!

Sheila said...

Oh, that is wonderful! And true!

Gioietta said...

I know this is an older post but it inspired me today :) Miriam