Monday, February 09, 2009

Precocious Daffodils

Today at lunchtime I went to Overton Park to eat my sandwich. I saw blooming daffodils! A couple of bunches of them.

I really wonder how those little things make it through days of temperatures going from the teens to the sixties within 24 hours, and stay alive through it all, and then bloom!

They were quite a surprise. Makes me want to get over to the Botanic Garden and see what's blooming there.

In our yard, the daffodils are just a few inches out of the ground, not yet close to blooming.

The flowering quince, however, showed two little buds opening yesterday.

It amazes me every year, this rebirth that we call spring. Or primavera. Or proljece. Whatever the language, the thing itself is a wonder. (Or una meraviglia. Or cuda.)


Carisse said...

My daffodils are blooming now -- they nod above the carpet of pansies around them knee high.

Marcy Allen said...

Spring and Buttercups and true joys. Thanks for sharing the picture. I've not seen any blooms yet. So lovely. Marcy A.

carolinagirl said...

I don't have any daffodils in my yard, but I do have a couple of lillies in the backyard that are beginning to show their leaves. Yesteday, I noticed a bud or two.

I had hoped to plant a lot of bulbs this year with a strategically planned flower garden in mind. My garden will have to wait a few more years as the timing to plant won't be right before I head North in May.