Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Napoli (with photos)

I never can decide whether it's better to describe photos above or below the photo. Input is welcome on that issue. Please comment if you find it making any difference.

I think I've been writing under the photos, so I'll continue that unless you all change my mind.

Napoli (I just can't say "Naples..." it sounds so ugly...) was wonderful for many reasons. The coffee was certainly high on the list! I didn't know until this trip that in Napoli, coffee actually comes sweetened unless you ask for it straight/bitter/unsweetened/whatever I should say in English.

And this is the only city in Italy where every cappuccino I drank came decorated!

As in much of Italy, ruins are everywhere. This place was interesting because it often ends up under water due to the tide. It is known as the Temple of Serapides, though archaeological/historical research has figured out that it actually never was a temple, but a meat market. (Don't quote me on this, but that is what I was told.)

This inscription is the passage from Acts that tells of the apostle Paul coming to Puteoli (Pozzuoli) and staying for a week on his way to Rome. This is in the Napoli "metropolis."

Ah, papaveri! Poppies are joy in flower form, are they not? These were near the Castello di Baia that I visited with my dear friend Jennifer.

And here is that dear friend Jennifer. (And Vesuvius in the background, if I remember correctly.) We worked together in Florence many years ago, both married "foreigners," and treasure our friendship.

Sunset out the window of my bedroom for the time I was there. As I wrote in my earlier post on Napoli, it was a lovely time and gave me a very new perspective on this many-faceted city.


Lucy said...

Great! I liked that 'temple' picture. I never know about the over or under business either, I often say 'above/below' incase people look at the wrong one...

Liked the pictures of you speaking too, you look very elegant and self-possessed!

Sheila said...

I don't believe the word "elegant" has ever been in the same sentence with me! Thanks, Lucy!

Anonymous said...

You have a good eye for interesting pictures, but for some reason, the poppies did not make an appearance on your blog. They are flowers of my childhood and I always enjoy seeing them like you do! I have had a terrible time getting my comments on, so I decided to go the "anonymous" route! Hope it works!

Mama Neva

Sheila said...

Mama Neva, it worked!