Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guarda la Luna

A friend let me know about the lunar eclipse anticipated tonight. That's a true friend, isn't it, who knows you well enough to realize you'd want to know about it, and is thoughtful enough to send the email?

So, I went outside eagerly to our driveway, which I knew would be a good place for viewing.

And this is what I saw. Except it wasn't so blurry. Clouds as far as the eye could see.

It was a bit of a disappointment, yes.

But it just made me all the gladder that I had noticed the moon the night before when it looked like this. Of course, it wasn't actually blurry, either. (For anyone who knows, is it acceptable to say "all the gladder"? Never thought of it before, but that's what came out.)

I am very much a moon gazer. It occurs to me that perhaps that is why the disc in my neck ruptured....all those years of looking up? If so, then it was worth it.

I'm always writing little poems about the moon in my mind, and one has even made it onto paper, though it's not finished. Maybe someday. That moon just prompts so many thoughts, it's hard to get it in words.

But my pictures, like my poems, don't do justice, either!

Which is fine. I don't feel a need to define or describe or capture Sister Moon, as long as I can see her now and then.


BobbyT said...

I enjoyed your writing and photography!

As a youth, I would climb on top of the house or other high point and shroud my peripheral vision and gaze for ever...still do.

Thank you for sharing.


Rob Hopcott said...

Nice dreamy post.

'I'm always writing little poems about the moon in my mind'

These days, I always carry a little notebook with me everywhere (except into the shower) so I can make a note of the exact words of my article or short story, otherwise they are so easily forgotten.

Finding the exact rhythm later can be so frustrating, even if the main idea is remembered.

Also, as soon as it is written down, it frees my mind to dream some more without having the overhead of remembering what I'd already dreamed.

Lucy said...

All the gladder sounds fine to me!

I like those photos.

Sheila said...

Welcome to the blog, Bobby and Rob!

Rob, I have no idea how you keep your online life straight. I was overwhelmed just looking at all the options! More power to you!

Rob Hopcott said...

Hi Sheila, most people seem to spend their time chilling at Cafe Hopcott with the occasional foray into themed discussion sites.

I'm not sure if there is method in then madness or madness in the method :-)