Monday, November 19, 2007

Blanketed in Love

Last night Drazen wanted something warmer on the bed. I remembered a blanket from Grandmother's house that I had stored away. Seems we didn't need it last winter; maybe we used something else. But yesterday I remembered it, a wool blanket that will always remind me of the bedroom my mom grew up in, where my sister and I usually slept. I always loved the windows in that room, five of them, with their white curtains that looked like angels because of the way they were pulled back in the center.

Our bedroom has only window, and obviously it didn't let in enough light for me to get a good picture of the blanket on our bed! So here is a close-up:

The wonderful, surprising thing was that when I took the blanket out from the cabinet it was in, unfolded it and spread it out on the bed, it still had the smell of Grandmother's house. So I went to sleep with that wonderful scent all around me. I may not have had angels at the window, but I felt a presence all about me, and I slept very well.


Lucy said...

But that first picture of the bedroom is really beautiful, gives me an odd kind of lurch, I want to keep looking at it, thecontrast of light and shadow. It's very moving.

Sheila said...

Lucy, I agree. The light is quite resplendent. Since taking that photo, I find myself paying closer attention to this room as I walk through. It reminds me of when we were little and used to flip upside down on the couch and look about, feeling as if we were in a completely different house from the one we lived in.