Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Just in case anyone comes to my blog in the next couple of weeks, thought I'd leave this note. I leave today for Austin, TX, for a professional conference. For me, that will mean attending three+ days of sessions all geared toward studying for the licensure exam I plan to take in February.

While I have to say that I'm in this field (counseling) because it is interesting and meaningful to me, I don't really imagine this is going to be a thrilling four days.

The worst part (in my mind, at least, right now) is being in a huge hotel, surrounded by tons of people each day, but not being with anyone I know most of the time. Bleahhhh. Not my preference. I'll have to pretend I'm a foreign journalist or something, just observing a lot, and perhaps "interviewing" the occasional friendly-looking face.

Wish me well.

Then I come back for a few days of work and take off again for my college Homecoming (where I'll know lots of people). And then . . . I'm going hang gliding in north Georgia! Now that I can hardly wait for. Going alone, but not to be around tons of strangers. Just me and the instructor and whatever birds might be up in the air. My dream is that a hawk might decide to fly with us.

So, I don't imagine I'll be writing again until early November.

And I have a feeling I'll have more to say about what happens in Georgia than in Texas. :-)

Keep enjoying fall.


Carolinagirl said...

It can be quite interesting just to sit in the lobby of a hotel and view the different people that come and go. Their demeanor says a lot about them.

Personally, I prefer to keep both feet on the ground at all times.

Have a safe journey to the Lone Star State and then to Georgia to soar like an Eagle.

Carisse said...

I'll be in Austin at Episcopal Theological Seminary Friday for the SW ATLA meeting. So, hi, sort of.