Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Tomorrow I am going with some friends to Eureka Springs, and I am living in eager anticipation.

The occasion is a centering prayer retreat led by Thomas Keating, author of the book Open Mind, Open Heart, and something of a crusader for the practice of centering prayer, a prayer discipline that has been a real blessing in my life over the past eight months.

I'm hoping to visit the lake pictured above, maybe do some drawing, do a little window shopping in the Victorian downtown area, but mostly just....retreat. Be quiet and pray. Get more centered.

Be. With God.

Oh, and hoping against hope to hear John Michael Talbot sing more than he did at the retreat I attended last year, when his doctor had ordered him not to sing too much!

If you want to see where I'll be staying, check out

If you want to learn more about the retreat hosts, check out

For JMT's music, check out

And if you want to know more about centering prayer, check out

And if you can teach me how to make those addresses turn into links, give me a call!


Lawrence Underwood said...

Hey! Say, 'Howdy', to my home state for me. I wish I could join you. When I read the title for your post I just sighed and then had to battle envy. Have a great time and enjoy the rest. Say, 'Hello', to Michael for me, too. (Just kidding. Unless you want to.)

carolinagirl said...

Enjoy your retreat. The lake you have shown in the picture looks like a beautiful place to go and have some quiet time and ponder your thoughts.

Sheila said...

Lawrence, if you're thinking of Michael Card, he's not going to be there. That was last year.

Melody said...

Wow, sounds like fun! You will have to post a blog entry about it (or at least give me a call!). I'm excited for you... enjoy your time away.

Lawrence Underwood said...

Well, I was thinking of him. I don't know why I assumed he'd be there. But, say, 'Hello', to John Michael as well!

I hope you have a great time.

Sheila said...

lwBack now. Maybe I will write something about it, as Melody suggested. Lawrence, didn't get a chance to greet JMT, as he was not with us at the retreat after all. He just returned from Alaska on Saturday, so I can see why! But he did lead the singing at worship, and he did let us all know as we sat there sweating, that it was 51 degrees when he boarded the plane that morning!