Sunday, March 20, 2016

San Miniato, Guest Post

I've written another piece for Janet Cupo's blog, "The Three Prayers." If you've read my posts about visits to Italy, you may remember that one of my most beloved places is the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte. Until writing this piece for Janet's blog, though, I knew very little about the story of the saint for whom it is named and about some of the history of the church connected with his story.

It makes for quite interesting reading.

Here are some bonus photos in case you do go read it.

These are parts of the inscription I mention that opened the door to meeting the professor from whom I and my classmates learned so much about the basilica.

In Latin it makes a nice rhyme:
Si cor non orat, in vanum ligua laborat.

And in any language, it makes an important point:
If the heart does not pray, the tongue labors in vain.

I took the photo below because it reminded me of the scene in the movie Room with a View, not long before Lucy faints. And it reminds me now of when Professor Gettings shared with us his research related to the symbols in the church. (You'll have to read over at Janet's blog to know what I'm talking about.)

Many tourists make the long climb up to San Miniato al Monte mainly to see the view of the city below. And as you can see, it is high up and gives a lovely view. But there is so much to be seen and understood within the church itself, views that open doors to even more beautiful things than human artists and architects can ever create.  I hope you'll take time to read it.